RFC: 2008 LLVM Conference

Hi all,

It's the new year! So the question on everybody's mind is, of course, "Will there be another LLVM conference?". I'm sending this out to gauge interest levels. People seemed to like the conference last year, and I personally enjoyed meeting the LLVM community. If people are interested in having one this year, then we can start the process.

So, what say ye?


Yes, of course we should do one.

Some things to think about and discuss:

   1. We need to pick a timeframe for it to occur, and a location.
   2. What format should the meeting be? Should we preserve the 'series of talks with discussion time' format?
   3. This dev mtg will probably be larger than the last, both because llvm community has grown and also because the clang community has pulled in a number of new people. It might be useful to have two talks going in parallel or have it across two days.
   4. I think it would be great if we were able to help pay for the airfare for students and other active contributors that otherwise would not be able to attend, depending on funds. For example, it would be great if we could contribute $100-200 towards the ticket for 5 students or something.
   5. I think we should solicit funds from various companies using LLVM to help sponsor the developer meeting. A few donations on the order of $500 - $1000 from a few companies would go a long way to making the dev mtg happen. We can offer up logo space on the dev mtg page for sponsors, for example, or something like that.
   6. We need people to give talks :slight_smile:

As per last year, I personally think a location in the bay area would be best for a number of developers. While I'd love to have it some place far away and exotic, I don't think that it would be practical. I will try to see what the funding situation at apple looks like. I believe that I can get a donation towards this year's devmtg, but I need to find out details.

Specific questions for people:

1. Are you willing to help organize the devmtg? We'll need a webpage to organize things like last year.
2. Are you willing to give a talk? on what topic?
3. Are you willing to attend? What topics are your primary interests?
4. Are you or your company willing to make a donation?
5. What timeframe and location is best for you?

For reference, here is last year's page:


Hi everyone,

I'm a relative newbie here, but I helped organize ADHOC/MacHack for the last two years (it wasn't my fault it stopped!), and I volunteered off-list to help out organizing. Chris took me up on my offer, and asked me to have everyone who is interested to email me about their interest in attending, and I'll compile and organize the info, and help get it onto a site.

At this point we're purely gauging interest. If you're interested, please email me off-list with the answers to these questions:

I'm planning to attend, and I'm an Apple employee. The same time as last year, or later, works for me. Just not earlier.