[RFC] Revamping LLDB's website


Following the recent changes in the LLDB website’s structure, I thought it would be a good idea to try to modernize the way it looks.

I’ve experimented with some of the suggestions that are listed in the Sphinx Themes Gallery and I think Furo looks good while also bringing nice functionalities such as:

  • An expanding menu on the left side-bar for the SBAPI classes.
  • A table of content on the right side-bar that shows the various sections and sub-paragraphs for each page.
  • Every title has a # button when hovering over them, making it easier to link to a specific section.
  • Support for dark mode (that also syncs with your browser color-scheme)
  • Works on mobile!

The theme requires to be installed with pip but that’s not different from what we already do for sphinx_automodapi.

@JDevlieghere and I have been looking at this together and he kindly offered to host a test version here, so you guys can try it and share some feedbacks :slight_smile:

Let us know what you think!

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I think this is a huge improvement over the current website, both in terms of form and function. I’m convinced this will make the website more accessible for our users, which in turn will motivate us, as developers, to continue improving it.

Looks nice!

My one suggestion is to link back to the LLVM Project website, and ideally some links back to Developer Policy that provide project level policies about how to get commit access, license, etc. I know you have the license link, but I think good to link to a higher level too which is useful for newcomers.


I think those are great suggestions. I’ve put a separate Phab: ⚙ D158467 [lldb] Link back to the LLVM Project and Developer Policy from the docs.

I really like this! In addition to the functionalities you’ve already listed, here are some other things I really like the search feature. That should make it much more approachable since you can search for what you may be looking for. :smile: The “Back to top” button that appears when you start scrolling back up is also a nice touch, I presume that these are both from the “Furo” theme you’ve used.

In terms of feedback, the only thing I’ve noticed so far is that the second link in the Using LLDB section on the front page doesn’t go anywhere. It looks like this link will need to be updated to point to the right place.

Looking forward to seeing what becomes of this! It definitely does motivate me to improve the site further, so thanks for taking this on.


Yup, that was broken on the “real” website too. Fixed in 07afc41a2e6a.

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Here is the differential for the revamp: https://reviews.llvm.org/D158323

Given we didn’t receive any feedback on differential, I’ll land the patch now. If there is any other comment, we can address it as a follow-up.