[RFC] Split trait `ElementwiseMappable` into `Elementwise`, `Scalarizable`, `Vectorizable`, and `Tensorizable`

For the element-wise HLO operations, we need an Elementwise trait, however, we cannot guarantee the properties that come with ElementwiseMappable as the HLO ops are always on tensors. We would like to split ElementwiseMappable up into three traits Elementwise, Scalarizable, Vectorizable, and Tensorizable to allow for reuse.

Elementwise would guarantee properties 1 - 4:

/// 1. If any result is a vector (resp. tensor), then at least one operand must
/// be a vector (resp. tensor).
/// 2. If any operand is a vector (resp. tensor), then there must be at least
/// one result, and all results must be vectors (resp. tensors).
/// 3. The static types of all vector (resp. tensor) operands and results must
/// have the same shape.
/// 4. In the case of tensor operands, the dynamic shapes of all tensor operands
/// must be the same, otherwise the op has undefined behavior.

Scalarizable would guarantee property 5:

/// 5. ("systematic scalarization" property) If an op has vector/tensor
/// operands/results, then the same op, with the operand/result types changed to
/// their corresponding element type, shall be a verifier-valid op.

Vectorizable and Tensorizable would guarantee properties 6 & 7:

/// 6. The semantics of the op on vectors (resp. tensors) shall be the same as
/// applying the scalarized version of the op for each corresponding element of
/// the vector (resp. tensor) operands in parallel.
/// 7. ("systematic vectorization/tensorization" property) If an op has
/// scalar operands/results, the op shall remain verifier-valid if all scalar
/// operands are replaced with vectors/tensors of the same shape and
/// corresponding element types.


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