RFC: Using a GitHub Project for managing releases


I would like to propose that we create a GitHub Project for tracking the status of the releases. I think having a project for the releases will help us stay organized during the release process and will make the whole process more transparent.

I have been using a python script for several years that outputs a text "dashboard’ showing the current status of the all the release blockers, and this has been really helpful, but I think moving this information into a better tool that is publicly visible will be even better.

I think it may take some time to get the status columns correct and set up the workflows, but I think we can iterate on this as we get more experience managing the releases with GitHub Projects. I’ve created a simple prototype that I think could be a good starting point.

I would really like to start using this for the 14.0.1 release cycle that will kick off in a few weeks. I’m looking for feedback on if this is something people want to have and also for ideas of how to make the Project configuration better.



:+1: from me.

The prototype you linked to doesn’t seem to be publicly visible.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ve fixed this now.