Save the date for the 2023 US LLVM Developers' Meeting!

Save the date for the 2023 US LLVM Developers’ Meeting! It will be held October 10-12 at the Marriott in Santa Clara, CA. Pre-conference workshops & events will occur on October 10th, with the main conference on October 11 & 12th.

The LLVM Developers’ Meeting is a bi-annual gathering of the entire LLVM Project community. The conference is organized by the LLVM Foundation and many volunteers within the LLVM community. Developers and users of LLVM, MLIR, Clang, and related sub-projects will enjoy attending interesting talks, impromptu discussions, and networking with the many members of our community. Whether you are a new to the LLVM Project or a long time member, there is something for each attendee.

What types of people attend?

  • Active developers of projects in the LLVM Umbrella(LLVM core, Clang, LLDB, libc++, MLIR, lld, etc).
  • Anyone interested in using these as part of another project.
  • Students and Researchers
  • Compiler, programming language, and runtime enthusiasts.
  • Those interested in using compiler and toolchain technology in novel and interesting ways.

Please stay tuned for the event site and more announcements regarding this event.