Seeking maintainers of the clang-c interface and the cindex Python wrapper

Hello all,

I have a couple of revisions to the clang-c API (the C interface in libclang) and to the Python wrapper of it (cindex). But I have not been able to find a maintainer who could review these changes.

Are there current maintainers for these components?

If there is not, I may be willing to take on at least the Python component given that I have found it very useful and expect to continue using it. Would this be useful to the community? (I don’t yet have commit access or anything, so I know it would be a process.)


PS: The existing revisions which need review are: D70358: Add Cursor.get_reference_name_range to clang python binding , and (which I commandeered and updated). I also have several other changes locally that I would like to push once I get a hang for the process. The are all extensions and bug fixes for clang-c and cindex.

Richard Smith (as code owner of Clang) is probably the decider here (cc’d) - and, yeah, it’s a bit awkward having an owner who hasn’t previously had commit access etc - but that seems to me to be the nature of finding owners for abandoned components like this. So I’m leaning towards “yeah, this seems reasonable” (but might require some of us folks who don’t have much involvement to at least review a few of your patches to check we’re generally on the same page with regards to design, etc).

One possibility would be to have me be an unofficial owner for a while and have someone with commit access act as an intermediary and sanity check until it’s appropriate for me to be the official owner. Regardless of how we slice this, there will be a need for a few people who are willing to review my changes (I’m happy to round-robin to spread the work) even though they are not interested my pet module. Eventually small changes will not need review, but larger changes still will, so the need for reviewers will not totally go away.


Alex Lorenz and Jan Korous are maintaining libclang (clang-c) from the Apple side these days; I suggest asking them for reviews.