Space in a filename

I just tried cloning llvm-www.git, and the checkout failed with
error: invalid path 'devmtg/2017-10/slides/Guelton-Challenges_when_building_an_LLVM_bitcode_Obfuscator.pdf '
I assume the trailing space in the pathname is the problem. (This is on Windows, if it makes a difference.)

After a few “git restore” commands, “git status” was down to reporting just that one file as deleted. But any attempt to commit other changes still complains about the invalid path.


Feel free to push a fix to rename the file; like everything else, trivial fixes don’t need pre-commit review.

If I could get git to do anything other than complain about the invalid path, I’d be happy to.

Pushed Delete redundant file with trailing space in filename. · llvm/llvm-www@37fd1a1 · GitHub

Thanks! That lets me update the Users page to include PS5.