Stack probing similar to -fstack-check

Hi ,

We moved to LLVM from GCC and seems like the “fstack-check” is not effective like GCC and we are exploring similar options in llvm or this is something LLVM is not complete here .

We would like to contribute on the same and we explored the LLVM segmented stacks that something will not easy with our OS runtime .

Are you looking for “-fstack-clash-protection”? Or do you actually need “-fstack-check”?

@efriedma-quic ,something like stack probing strategy will do and did the “-fstack-clash-protection” is supported in arm32 and 64 ?

For arm64, the patch ⚙ D96004 [AArch64] Stack probing for function prologues never got merged; it looks like there were pending review comments that never got addressed. Not sure about arm32.