Status? Help Needed?

<cc'ing cfe-dev, please don't email me directly>

Regarding bug testing, Lord willing, I'll make a new post
referencing this and some more concepts.


I've decided against posting it.... Maybe at a later date some concepts can be brought up...

However, there are other things....
Might I inquire as to what kind of bug reports you are looking for? Are you just looking to see if clang crashes upon compile or is unable to compile code that is perfectly legitimate.... or do you also need someone with a keen understanding of the nuances of c, compilers, and assembly to attempt to see if the compiler is doing the right thing?
Are you looking for other stuff like how it does error messages and warnings?

If you find code that GCC accepts with -fsyntax-only that we crash on or reject with -fsyntax-only then you have probably found a bug. Please let us know :slight_smile:

Would the following be useful and/or applicable to what you need?

1. Make a list of dozens of free source software projects (compilers, apps, whatever) with links directly to the source (maybe even links each version that works).
2. Present in database-like format for the testers.
3. Testers can then take on each app one by one and confirm whether clang was able to compile it without any problems. They could be marked off one by one as clang succeeds on them.

maybe it would attract a few testers too :slight_smile:

It would probably be best to just trying running them directly and letting us know if anything fails. If something fails, use the -E command to GCC or clang to make a .i file, and then file a bug at with the attached .i file.