Status of ELLCC

As some of you may be aware, I've been fooling around with using clang/LLVM as
a cross compilation environment. Actually "fooling around" is a little bit of
an understatement. I've been working on it in on and off for quite a while. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to give a brief update on the current status.

First, the projects goals:
  * Use LLVM/clang as a cross compiler for arm, i386, mips, microblaze,
           ppc, ppc64, and x86_64 processors.
  * Use a derivative of the NetBSD standard C libraries, targeted toward
           Linux and standalone environments.
  * Use GNU binutils and GDB as the backend stuff.
  * Use QEMU as the target environment for testing.

I've been modifying the NetBSD libraries to use them in Linux user space
emulation under QEMU,

I'm now starting to build and run some of the NetBSD user land programs for
all the targets (I've started out simple: so far I've built and run cat,
chmod, cp, echo, ed, expr, kill, ln, ls, mkdir, mv, pwd, rm, rmdir, sleep,
sync, and test.)

I've also started putting together a test suite for the C library itself. Very
preliminary at this point.

The environment has turned out to be very nice for build and testing cross
compiled exectables. I'm hoping to have something that I can call a release

The project is hosted at if you're interested.