status of llvm+clang on OpenBSD kernel


On the occasion of llvm+clang 2.9 release in the very near future, I
have some good news to report.

I am running on a Clang compiled OpenBSD AMD64 -current kernel as of
llvm+clang svn rev 128001 for quite a few days now. Was running it for
quite a few days to make sure everything's okay.

Some OpenBSD devs might know, because the code has changed to be
compilable in clang, but they don't tell. The last time I tried it a
few months ago, it wouldn't work for some reason, now it does work
fine even with daily changes being introduced in OpenBSD -current.
Size of clang compiled kernel is the same as system gcc 4.2.1 compiled

I don't know the status of the other architectures/platforms (i386,
ARM, MIPS, Sparc64 etc.) on OpenBSD, maybe somebody else can report.

Thought you guys might like to know.

OpenBSD userland and xenocara ( distro) still have some problems
(hopefully they will be solved soon).