svn repository, llvm-gcc4.2

> i was working on an llvm-gcc4_2 version, which i used as a starting-point for
> a fixed-point c-datatype implementation.
> i read that the svn repos is up now, and so i remembered the following lines:
>>> i fixed some major bugs in the llvm-gcc4_2 patch since my last post.
>>> this brings me to an interesting question:
>>> what are your criteria to use my patch for further development?
>> I have no fixed criteria. I think the best solution is for the work to be
>> checked into the (forthcoming) public SVN server. When it is available,
>> you can check it in there ...
> so if you still want to use my llvm-gcc4.2 as a base for further development,
> i am prepared :wink:

Great, svn is set up now, so you should be able to import your bits into
it. (please talk to Anton or Reid for details).


Did you base your 4.2 work on apple's gcc 4.2 or on fsf gcc 4.2? My
memory is fuzzy :slight_smile:

fsf gcc4.2

> ps.: i could provide a failure-stat of the llvm-test suite, so
> you could estimate how much/where problems have to be fixed.

Cool, are programs basically compiling and working?

for a detailed llvm-gcc4 to llvm-gcc4.2 failure comparison see:

kind regards

You have lots of failures, even for llvm-gcc-4.0. Which platform (os-hardward-systemcompiler) are you using ?