TableGen “front-end dialect” (mentor: Jacques Pienaar)

Hi Jacques
Can I know a bit more about this and if someone else has already started on this?
I have prior llvm-tablegen experience adding language features to it (2019 LLVM Developers’ Meeting: J. Absar “Improving your TableGen Descriptions” - YouTube).


Nobody has started on this and I’ll be honest I’ve forgotten what I had in mind exactly (I had 4 things there over the years :slight_smile: ). It may be good to have a quick sync to see which of the potential options would be appealing and of a scope that could fit in with your interests. Mind shooting me an email and we can schedule a time?

Sure. Whats your email address?

Hi Jacques:
Seems you missed my earlier message.
What is your contact email?

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Thanks Mehdi .

Hi Jacques, Hi Javed
Did you have progress with this project? I am looking for a way to extend tablegen and I wonder if this “tablegen front end” is relevant.