There are some odd branches. Is it allowed? Can't we ban it?

I noticed that there are some odd branches:

The commit history shows it is only used by individual person instead of some co-operating. And I didn’t find any related discussions. So I feel it is odd. Is it allowed to push branches to github repo? If it is not allowed, can we ban it automatically to allow a few limited people can create it?

(I’m not sure if I can do it, but I don’t want to make a try.)

It’s not supposed to be there IIRC, but there is no way to stop the creation of new branches in GitHub. We have talked about doing it from some action to autodelete them, not sure what the status of that is. @tstellar might know?

We don’t have any autodelete set up, but I think GitHub provides a way to block branch creation now.

Thanks. Maybe it is better to delete these 3 branches?

I deleted these branches.