TOT broken

The buildbots are unhappy again. :frowning:

Specifically, the "llvm-gcc-i386-darwin9" buildbot here at Apple last compiled TOT successfully yesterday morning (31aug); that was revision 80586. By revision 80589, the bootstrap failed due to a miscompare, and by revision 80610, it's aborting while compiling little pieces of libgcc.

80586 built O.K. (about 8AM, Pacific Standard Time, on Monday 31aug)
80589 bootstrap miscompare (about one hour after 80586)
80610 abort()s while compiling libgcc (about two hours after 80589)
80717 (current as I write this, on Tuesday 01sep) still broken

I realize that everyone is busy, but I think TOT has been broken long enough. Would everyone that committed any patches yesterday please check your work with a clean make of TOT?

Thank you in advance,


Yes, this is pretty unacceptable IMHO.

I would go revert crazy if I knew what to hit, unfortunately I don't.

Currently I believe there are two problems, a CallGraphSCC assert
which is firing everywhere (including the clang test suite, *cough*).
This started with 80698. Chris is working on this (if it isn't already

The bootstrap comparison failures are being looked at by Devang.

- Daniel

For those not seeing the failures on the Google build bots. That's
because they're not building llvm-gcc with bootstrap (or, indeed, at


Fixed in r80724.