Toy example using MLIR

I installed MLIR and went through various tutorials. They talked about implementing toy language using MLIR. The online documents also take about this. However, I could not bind any in the directory I download or build. I see the following
cd Kaleidoscope/
ITDs-MBP:Kaleidoscope abidmalik$ ls
BuildingAJIT Chapter3 Chapter6 Chapter9
CMakeFiles Chapter4 Chapter7 cmake_install.cmake
Chapter2 Chapter5

all chapters are empty. I feel I am doing something incorrectly. Any suggestions?

Kaleidoscope is the LLVM tutorial, it is unrelated to MLIR. If you’re interested in the MLIR tutorial try this: Tutorials - MLIR ; if you’re just getting started with building MLIR start here: Getting Started - MLIR

The sources for the toy tutorial are here: llvm-project/mlir/examples/toy at main · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub
And the binaries will be directly built in /bin in the build directory:

$ ls ./bin/toyc-ch*
./bin/toyc-ch1  ./bin/toyc-ch2  ./bin/toyc-ch3  ./bin/toyc-ch4  ./bin/toyc-ch5  ./bin/toyc-ch6  ./bin/toyc-ch7