two quick questions

I have two quick questions

1) It seems that everytime I do an svn up, I can no longer compile lvm (
+ clang ) currently it hangs here
error: ‘F’ was not declared in this scope
The only way for me to get it to compile again is a complete fresh check
out of all source files, which is not optimal.
Am I the only one having these issues ?

2) Are there any dev's in the DC, VA area who would want to meet up (
over a pint of Guinness )

Varol :slight_smile:

Huh, this one sounds like your LLVM tree is ahead of the Clang tree. If it was a different error, I'd say it's a dependency tracker issue, but not with this one.


It's important to note that 'svn up' in the LLVM root will not update
sub-checkouts like clang. 'make update' will, though.

I'm afraid I'm on the wrong side of the country to join you for beer.


Yep, just tried it out and it works.

thanks. I will use make update from now on.

Varol :wink: