US LLVM Dev Meeting 2019 - Round Table - GitHub Workflows


The round table on “GitHub Next-step” will take place Wednesday, Oct 23 2:55-4:00 (

Below are three topics that I know are of interests to some, but what else do you want to talk about?

  • Bug-tracker: what about GitHub issues. Pros and cons? Feedback on people for experienced them?

  • Pull-request: we’re already getting PR occasionally (automatically closed). Should we allow this way of submitting code to the repo? If we aren’t happy with the code-review on GitHub, can we bridge the PR to Phabricator automatically? Alternatives?

  • Pre-merge testing: projects like Swift have optional code-reviews pre-merge (like LLVM), but sill requires some test for the code (smoke-testing bots must be passing). Who has interest in such system?