Vector LoadOp lowering in mlir

Hi, I am using vector load op to copy data from memref into vector. The following is the mlir :

    %19 = vector.load %18[%5, %4] : memref<5x2xi64>, vector<5x2xi64>

When i am lowering it to llvm dialect using the following passes :

./bin/casair-opt --convert-vector-to-scf --affine-super-vectorize --lower-vector-mask --lower-affine -lower-vector-mask  --convert-vector-to-llvm --convert-scf-to-cf --convert-cf-to-llvm --convert-arith-to-llvm --convert-func-to-llvm --finalize-memref-to-llvm  --convert-vector-to-llvm='enable-x86vector=1'  file.mlir

It does not convert load to lowered llvmir.

Is there a pass or seriese of pass that i should or using incorrectly?

I am facing the same issue, It seems like 2d vector load is not lowering to LLVM.
Please help !!!