VS build is broken again


Thanks for taking care of this. I found that in order to build clang
(in addition to the vcproj changes I posted earlier today) I had to add
a dependency such that the clangDriver project depends on the CodeGen
(basically the CodeGen checkbox has to be checked in the list of the
clangDriver's dependencies). This in effect adds codegen.lib to the
list of libraries linked into clang.exe and solves all the unresolved
symbol errors in the clang build. I would submit the diff, but it
looks like visual studio changes all the encodings of projects in the
.sln file, so the diff includes a lot of irrelevant lines.


Changes all the encodings? Does this have to do with locale settings?

If you look at an .sln file, there's a long sequence of digits
associated with every project, something like this
8BC9CEB8-8B4A-11D0-8D11-00A0C91BC942. For the lack of a better word I
called it "encoding". After I changed the dependencies between
projects in the solution, msvs replaced those numeric sequences by new
ones literally for every project in the solution file. The diff now
includes all such changes of numeric sequences associated with each
project, which are not really relevant to the problem at all. I don't
think it matters and would work for anyone equally well, but
nevertheless not to confuse you with such a large diff, I think it's
better if someone on your site would just add the dependency I
mentioned before and would check-in his .sln file.

Hi Dmitri,

I know what you are saying, but in the end I think we are lucky if diffs against project files have any meaningful information. Nobody right now assumes responsibility for regularly updating the VS files, so we routinely get patches from different people when they decide to upgrade the project files, and these patches change the .sln files in arbitrary ways.

If you have successfully modified the VC project files in both LLVM and clang to (1) build with TOT and (2) work with VS 2005 then please go ahead an email me the patches. I will patch them immediately, and if anyone has any problems with the patch they can be reverted. I think it is more important to get the build working again for everyone on Windows.

BTW, please email me the patches in a zip file. For some reason, inlining of the patches within a email message can cause problems with Apple's Mail program (weird CRLF issues, etc.).




Attached is the diff against TOT. It makes the VS build work for me.
Solution/project files work with VS 2005. Project files in clang need
not to be modified. As it happens, the solution file for clang is part
of the llvm tree ( go figure... )


msvspatch.zip (3.26 KB)

Wonderful. Applied!


VS users: Please verify that this patch works for you.

Thanks so much Dmitri!

These are UUIDs, also known as GUIDs.