Warm Fuzzies

Now that the mailing list is back up, I can share this testimonial from my friend:

Wow, most impressive.
Compiling LLVM + Clang, on Windows.
With Visual Studio 2008.
It's cross-platform software, without the *nix crap.

Calling it "straightforward" or "painless" is an understatement.

Even _without_ reading the documentation I was _twice_ warned to read, I easily:
- Downloaded the source (10 MB archives each, impressive by itself)
- Generated the project files with CMake
- Compiled in Visual Studio 2008

Total time spent:
~2 hours, from scratch.

Oh, and it supports C++11 almost completely.
Even Visual Studio doesn't, and neither does GCC.

And guess what? Not a _single_ error when compiling it.
Binaries work 100% flawlessly. Heck, they even give _colored_ console output.
... on Windows.

Oh, and did I mention the source code is outstandingly well-written, readable C++?
It almost makes Java look worse.

GCC, on the other hand... exact opposite in every way.
I don't even know how to begin describing it.
Even _with_ reading the documentation (which documentation?), I never once managed to compile it on Windows. That is, _after_ it made me wait _overnight_ on several occasions, with _zero_ payoff for me, and lots of wasted time.

I can't find the right words, other than to say...
_This_ is how cross-platform is supposed to work.
/Massive/ props to the team for the solid work.

I won't comment on his actual choice of feedback, but I thought I'd share with everyone. Nice work especially to our heroic VS builders when the majority of us work on Mac or Linux.