Welcome to the LLVM Discourse!

Welcome to the LLVM Discourse!

All communication here as well as in the broader LLVM community is subject to the LLVM Community Code of Conduct.

If you are new to the LLVM project, feel free to ask questions in the Beginners Category.

This Discourse is roughly divided into 3 sections. Please help us find fitting Category descriptions as we are building up this discourse. Every category contains a default “About” topic for this purpose.

  • LLVM Project: Discussions about LLVM and its sub-projects
  • Community: Everything revolving around the LLVM Community, its meetings and job postings
  • Project Infrastructure: Discussion about existing and proposed LLVM project infrastructure

We encourage you to participate in any existing discussion and to open new topics!

Can’t find a category for your topic? Please give us Feedback.


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