What should we be working on?

I suppose one of the first things we should discuss as a group is:
What topic(s) do we want to start working on?

I collected a long list of ideas, but I can’t really say where we should start. So my proposal would be:

Create a survey and ask the LLVM community where their biggest pain points are at the moment and then try to improve these.

What do you think?
What should we put on such a survey?

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I wish we have a doc/webpage that tells who is the POC/maintainer of what.
Like for Phabricator, Bugzilla, llvm-www, Discourse, Discord, Mailing lists, buildbots, etc.

It makes it easy to communicate & get information for the proposed changes related to them.

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Hi Shivam,
I totally agree on that. Finding contact information for the maintainers of each tool is probably one of the most important things, and getting first-hand experience for every tool also can be important.

This is an excellent starting list!

The “Multi-stage CI” would be a nice improvement in terms of scaling over the current buildbots. Worth mentioning that this exists for many years on GreenDragon where a job will build and test clang stage1 and other downstream job will then use the compiler produced in stage1 to build various stage2 configuration on different machines (ASAN, TSAN, LTO, …), here for example.

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It would probably also be good to send an email to llvm-dev, for additional visibility.

I already started collecting the tools/services I was aware of. So far it has a lot of gaps:

Feel free to raise Pull Requests to extend the information.

Also: If anyone has a better place to store this information, I would be happy to move it there.

It would probably also be good to send an email to llvm-dev, for additional visibility.

What should the email contain? That we’re trying to document the infrastructure?

@ChristianKuehnel thanks for creating the doc. It is very fine.

I think before sending mail to llvm-dev first we should transfer the ChristianKuehnel/iwg-workspace repository to LLVM organization. In this way people are more comfortable to open issue or pull request.

@Shivam There is a file named CODE_OWNERS.TXT located in llvm project source tree. I found some mainainter contact infomation on it. Just like cmake, llvm buildbot.

Nice, I think you should now send a pull request to update the doc and also please add maintainers as a reviewer as CODE_OWNERS.TXT is not very updated.