What's the status of clang-doc?

I noticed that there’s a tool called clang-doc in LLVM, but from what I can tell, it has little documentation and few tests.

Would it be possible to get a pulse check on the project please?

We use it in Fuchsia, although at the moment we only utilize the YAML backend, and use a separate tool to convert it to Markdown. I hope that over time we can improve clang-doc’s Markdown output to use it directly and avoid the need for another tool. The HTML backend still has some usability issues and we could use more help since we don’t have a lot of experience with web development.

Thanks @petrhosek. Is there any documentation regarding using it that I might’ve missed? All I can see is this, but that doesn’t provide many answers (if not, I’ll take a look at what Fuchsia is doing).