Why are generic dag combines run before target dag combines?

Hi llvm-dev,

I just tried to implement a target-specific dag combine to preempt a generic dag combine, and I was surprised to see that it didn’t work because the generic dag combines are run first. Does anyone know the rationale for running the generic dag combines first? I would have expected the target dag combines to run first because they have more specific information about what combines will be useful.



Probably because there’s also constant folding and canonicalization transforms usually at the beginning of the generic DAG combine. In general you probably want target combines to run after that. Is it possible to do your combine from the generic combined form? The other option is to add a TLI hook to disable the transform. We’ve got a quite a lot of those.

Thanks, that makes sense. I’m experimenting with using ISD::SPLAT_VECTOR in the WebAssembly backend, and setting that operation to be legal causes the dag combiner to combine vector_insert_elts on undef vectors to splat_vectors. Generally this is useful, but I have a very specific pattern that this breaks because it is only correct if all the other lanes are undef. I don’t really want to disable the splat_vector combine, though. I just want it to happen later. I guess one solution would be to add a hook to disable the combine and then duplicate it as a target combine in a later stage.