Windows and Clang

Yes, that’s pretty recent.

I think the compiler-rt stuff is needed because we pull information out of clang whilst it’s compiling apparently (I had to go and ask someone else about this). I know that the project doesn’t compile without it.

As for what’s going wrong …


  • sometimes it crashes outright with nothing to give us an idea of why, the diagnostics we get back are in a different order every time, even when the number of threads is set to 1 in our project, and all other sorts of random things that scream undefined behaviour with no clue as to where it is.


  • Windows headers are throwing errors out, even though the MSVC compatibility flags and such are set as follows:

lo.MSVCCompat = true;
lo.MSCompatibilityVersion = clang::LangOptions::MSVC2013;
lo.MicrosoftExt = true;
lo.AsmBlocks = true;

Thank you for showing your build process too, after looking at it, it’s slightly different from what I’ve got here so that might be a place to start. I’ll do that now!



After some digging, it turns out we’re hitting this bug:

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile: looks like we’re going to have to go through our code and remove all the exceptions …