Windows x64 support

Hi Nicolas,

never got committed entirely so things are still broken. It should


be reopened, have my workaround committed, and then later a proper fix


doesn't cost (a tiny bit of) performance could be done.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, unfortunately. There are others
more severe ABI incompatibilities.

Hi Anton,

Thanks for the heads up. I've only encountered this bug though, and my
workaround fixes x64 for me. Could you maybe sum up the other remaining

Anyhow, is there any reason why my workaround is not fit for committing? It
works wonderfully for me and I see little reason to hold it back. Currently
I have to patch it every time I do an update.



Hi Nicolas,
Problems I've run into with the x64 JIT on Windows include overwriting of the stack when a call is made into host code (and subsequent reads of incorrect data), and zeroing out of the upper 32 bits of the address of lazily linked functions, resulting in jumps to incorrect addresses.

Nick C.

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