Workaround for Bug 22963?


I have recently upgraded my project to LLVM 3.6 and I am wondering whether I should have waited for version 3.6.1… With JIT having been officially superseded by MCJIT, I updated my code and got everything working fine on 64-bit Windows, 32-bit/64-bit Linux and OS X, but it’s not working properly on 32-bit Windows.

Basically, the issue I am having is similar to the one reported in Bug 22963 ( Everything works fine the very first time I try to compile some code, but if I try to compile some other code, then it will fail as reported in the bug report.

I was therefore wondering whether there is a known workaround for this issue? Ideally, I wouldn’t have to go back to LLVM 3.5.1…

Cheers, Alan.

Thanks for the poke. I fixed the issue in r233819. It’ll be in the next point release.

Thanks a lot Reid. It’s much appreciated. I am going to apply your to my local copy of LLVM 3.6 and see how it goes.

Cheers, Alan.

When I applied it to the release branch, I had conflicts. You can see the diff in r233823:

Thanks Reid, I have just applied your patch and it’s working perfectly on my copy of LLVM 3.6 (I build it as part of my project and and I didn’t get any conflicts). I can now target Win32 without any problem.

Cheers, Alan.