2.7 Pre-Release2 Available!

The 2.7 pre-release2 is available for testing:

Please complete all testing by April 23rd EOD. We are shortening this testing period a bit to get the release out soon since its been delayed so far. The release team has done our qualifications and we think its of high quality and ready to go.

As this is the last pre-release, we only accept fixes for absolutely critical bugs as defined by our release criteria:

If you are able to test this pre-release, we ask that you try the following:

To test llvm-gcc:

  1. Compile llvm from source and untar the llvm-test in the projects directory (name it llvm-test or test-suite). Choose to use a pre-compiled llvm-gcc or re-compile it yourself.
  2. Run make check, report any failures (FAIL or unexpected pass). Note that you need to reconfigure llvm with llvm-gcc in your path or with --with-llvmgccdir
  3. Run “make TEST=nightly report” and compare your results with 2.6 if possible.

To test clang:

  1. Compile llvm and clang from source.

  2. Run make check for llvm.

  3. Run make -C tools/clang-2.6 test VERBOSE=1 (report any failures or unexpected passes)

  4. Reconfigure llvm-test/llvm to use clang to run the test-suite (make TEST=nightly report) and compare the results with 2.6 if possible.

If you think you have found a release blocker, please file a bug and have it block this bug:

We also ask that you try clang or llvm-gcc on various applications. Please note that any bugs found will be fixed in TOT, but not in the release.