Announcing LLVM 2.8 Pre-Release 2 Testing

Good news, everybody!

LLVM 2.8 pre-release 2 testing is on its way!! You can get tarballs here:

If you are interested in testing, please download the tarballs and build LLVM, LLVM-GCC, and Clang and run the tests. Please send me the results of your tests. I would suggest compiling LLVM and LLVM-GCC then using that generated LLVM-GCC to recompile LLVM, LLVM-GCC, and Clang. Then run the tests.

It’s important to test this in the mode that will be distributed to our customers: optimizations enabled and assertions disabled. Though other modes of testing are also important.

File bug reports on any issues you find and add me to the CC list.

We’re in the home stretch! Let’s make this the best release of LLVM to date! We’ve all done a massive amount of really great work. This is a chance to push that work to LLVM users (those who don’t or can’t work with ToT).

Thank you! Seriously, your help testing this is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Peace and long life!

P.S. Mac OS X Tiger (and below) systems are not supported in this release (the last LLVM release to support Tiger was 2.3). See for details.