2022 US LLVM Dev Mtg - High level agenda

The 2022 US LLVM Developers’ Meeting will be held November 8-9 and have special events on November 7th. Below is a high level agenda that we hope will help you in planning. Please note that the times are approximate and may shift slightly as we are confirming spaces with the venue:

Nov 7:

  • Community.o ½ day Workshop & Talks (approximately 1-5pm)
  • Newcomer Orientation (approximately 5-6pm)
  • Joint Community.o & Newcomer reception (approximately 6-7 or 6-7:30pm)

Nov 8-9:

  • Main conference featuring talks, tutorials, panels, and round tables. (typically 9-6pm)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snack breaks (Breakfast starting at 8am)
  • Meet & Greet with our Sponsors (During an afternoon break)
  • Poster Session (During an afternoon break)
  • Evening reception on Nov 8

More details on the special events:

Community.o Workshop:
Attend this ½ day event that focuses on increasing diversity and inclusion in compilers and tools, LLVM, and open source. This event will feature talks, panel discussions, and workshops on topics that help you further your career, build confidence, and contribute to LLVM and open source.

Newcomer Orientation:
This session is for all newcomers to the LLVM Developers Meeting or for those that want to learn how to get the most out of the next 2 days. Hear from long time attendees and organizers on how to network and which sessions to attend.

If you are interested in volunteering to speak or help out with Community.o workshop or the newcomer orientation, please let me know.


Will there be a virtual attendance option this time around?

No, we will not be doing live streaming of the event. We did not have high engagement “live” with our virtual events and it can be quite expensive to live stream sessions.

Makes sense. Just wanted to make sure, thanks!

It was not totally clear to me who’s the target audience of the Nov 7 events, like the Community.o workshop.

Could you please clarify?

The Community.o workshop will interest folks who are interested in increasing diversity and inclusion with the field of compilers and tools and the LLVM Project. We expect to have speakers around topics of mentorship, code of conduct, and other topics related to D&I. We welcome allies and those who feel they are minorities within the field.

The newcomer orientation is for those who are new to the LLVM Developers’ Meeting who want to learn more about it. We also welcome experienced attendees who are willing to share tips and techniques and welcome our newcomers.

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I checked the Attendee Mobile app today, and it showed me a schedule for Nov 7th - Nov 10th. Is anything happening on Nov 10th or is this an error? It showed me a bunch of talks about MLIR on Nov 10th.

Nov 10 is the MLIR summit and only available to those registered for it. Same with Nov 7 as that is only for folks registered for Community.o. You should have received a “Know Before you Go” email that shows which events you are registered for.

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