Announcement: LLVM 2.8 Branch Created

The LLVM 2.8 branches have been created! We will be conducting several rounds of testing of this branch during September. See for a tentative schedule.

What this means for you

As I mentioned in a previous e-mail, the branch is still open for code submissions. However there are a few rules that we need to adhere to:

  • No new features are allowed, no matter how trivial they may be. This is a hard rule because each new feature could potentially set back testing by a week or more.
  • All feature work that is new in 2.8 must be completed before the pre-release 2 phase. If it’s not, we may have to remove that feature from the 2.8 release. The rationale is that again each new feature must be thoroughly tested. And given that we have only two rounds of testing, we simply cannot allow an untested feature to be released.
  • During the pre-release 2 phase, the only patches accepted will be those that fix regressions from 2.7.
  • All patches to the branch must be approved by the person who “owns” that code. See for a list of code owners.
  • All approved patches should be sent directly to me at (forwarding the llvm-commits message or sending a list of svn revision numbers is sufficient). Please do not commit patches do the branch yourself.
  • If a patch doesn’t apply cleanly to the branch, I will send it back to you for analysis. Your updated patch will have to be approved again by the code owner. (Yes, I know this is a hassle, but it’s necessary.)

Code Owners

Please be very conservative in the patches you approve.


The first round of pre-release testing begins on September 6th. I’m working on a script to make this an automated process. I’ll send out a separate e-mail detailing the testing process. My hope is that it will be as nonintrusive to your time as possible.

We are always looking for more testers. If you’d like to volunteer please let me know. :slight_smile:


I assume these restrictions only apply to the new 2.8 branch,
development on the trunk can continue normally right?