Ask help to review or merge my commit

Hi Guys,

Sorry to send a stupid email here because I don’t know what should I do next step for my commit. I have submit a commit here long long ago:⚙ D116876 [llvm-cov] New parameters to set coverage watermark, and it has been get one approve, what should I do for next step?

I have try to push by arc land or git push, but in fact I don’t have permission. Follow this part: Code Reviews with Phabricator — LLVM 16.0.0git documentation I should just comment and wait someone who has permission to help me approve, am I understand it correct?

Please give me more details what should I do for next step, so THX!

Correct, you should comment on the diff saying you don’t have commit access and asking a reviewer to commit it for you.

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if it shows “don’t have permission”, it probably means you don’t have the permission to write llvm-project github repo. you may need apply the permission of github repo then try again.


please let them know you don’t have permission, and ask someone to commit it on your behalf.

Thanks for your reply! Is it ok like following? In fact I have post it for long time. Does it mean I should wait for phosek’s response and just keep waiting? Or can I found someone’s help to merge it in here?

Thanks for your help! May I know which people can apply the permission to write llvm-project? Are there any qualifications, and how do I need to apply?

I’am not sure is it still correct.
Maybe you can send an email to Chris(
explain who you are and why you want to join the LLVM team.
don’t forget to attach your Github ID, Phabricator ID and GitHub Email.

In ⚙ D116876 [llvm-cov] New parameters to set coverage watermark phosek has help me land it. And thanks all who have replied!

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If for someone reason you request assistance and none of the reviewers respond, you can also post a simple reminder message (usually just saying “ping”), as long as you give it a week. You can post a ping each week, if still needed.