CHERI LLVM/Rust public sync-ups

Hi all,

For those who aren’t aware, Embecosm have been asked to aid in the process of attempting to get CHERI support in LLVM, and eventually the Rust compiler, to a state in which it could be upstreamed.

Following on from a round table discussion held at EuroLLVM, we think the ability to discuss the tasks ahead, potential challenges and progress with the community is vital. And so to help us do this we have decided to host a series of public sync-ups surrounding this topic.

The meetings will be on the second Wednesday of each month at 3 PM (UK time) which we hope will allow the most people to join based on timezones. This will be flexible if there’s a need to change it.

Keep an eye on this thread for agendas and meeting minutes for each call!

Here is the calendar link

Living in Pacific time I’d much prefer 4 PM UK time. My child’s daycare isn’t even open at 7am and few workplaces start work before 8am.

Agenda for today’s sync-up:

  • Discussing the current approach to split up the CHERI-specific changes into patches
  • Open discussion for possible issues in upstreaming the CHERI LLVM support
  • Any other items

I missed this thread when it was announced. It would be good to tag the relevant folks who wrote most of the original code (@jrtc27, @arichardson) and make sure that they’re aware of it.

Good point, thank you David!

Agenda posts at least 24hrs in advance would also be helpful.