Code Owner nominations

Hi all,

I'd recommend Andy Trick be made code owner of "instruction scheduling" (including MI, pre-RA, and post-RA schedulers). I am also recommending Nadav Rotem be made code owner of "loop vectorizer".



Both of those seem obvious to me. Unless there are any objections, go for it.


Sergei Larin can take ownership of VLIW scheduling.

Most of the support is currently in the Hexagon target, but some framework lives in CodeGen (DFAPacketizer).


Thank you, Andy.

  I would be happy to do so. We are on the verge of a significant code
growth for VLIW - scheduler and packetization portion of it is substantial
and essential.
Most of that framework is currently hidden in the Hexagon back end, but the
plan has always been to abstract it out into a platform independent fashion
with Hexagon being a proving ground.
  Given that it makes a perfect sense to me to have a dedicated VLIW
scheduling/packetization owner, and I would be happy to do it.


Sounds great, please update CODE_OWNERS.