Vectorizers code ownership

It been a while since I worked on the vectorizers and I think that it’s time for someone else to be the code owner. During the conference I talked about this with Arnold and a few other people who were involved in the development of the vectorizers. Based on these discussions I recommend Michael Kuperstein. Michael is committed to improving LLVM and has lots of relevant experience. If approved by the community, I know he would do a great job working with contributors on improving the vectorizers and reviewing the recent proposals from ARM and Intel.


Michael seems a great choice, +1 from me!


Even though I moved out of the vector land for now… looks like a great choice to me!


I think Michael would be an excellent code owner. +1


Makes sense to me too! Michael, assuming no strong objection in the next 24 hours, please update CODE_OWNERS.txt. Congrats!

Also, thank you for your long service in this area Nadav,




– Matt


Thanks Nadav for your help over the last few years!


Thanks a lot everyone for the support - and yet another big “thank you!” to Nadav for all of his vectorizer work.

I’ll update CODE_OWNERS.txt


Hi Nadav,

What about your code ownership on the X86 backend?

Simon Pilgrim, Sanjay Patel, and a few others have been very active on that backend if you are looking for a replacement.



and yet another big “thank you!” to Nadav for all of his vectorizer work


And a big “good luck!” to Michael.