Couldn't successfully generate project files for LLVM (checked out from trunk)

I’m using CMake version 3.12.3 on Windows 10 Home. I checked out LLVM, Clang, Clang extra tools, Compiler-RT, LLD, LibOMP, LIBCXX, and LIBCXXABI with SVN and am now trying to generate project files. But LLD, among some other things, wasn’t found (even though put all of those in the documented directories inside the LLVM source tree). And a lot of the tests failed. I’m attaching the CMake error and output logs to this message. Please help me out.

I’m trying to build it from source and added the “-DLLVM_EXPERIMENTAL_TARGETS_TO_BUILD=WebAssembly”. I’m not trying to ask for help on targeting WebAssembly, though, but only on building LLVM from source. For now it’s specifically generating Visual Studio 2017 project files.

I added the -Thost=x64 flag to CMake as well, but it still seemed to target x86. Why?

Anyway, please help.

CMakeError.log (585 KB)

CMakeOutput.log (202 KB)

I’m replying here to give an update. I installed CMake 3.13.0 and then tried to generate project file again, but had the same result. I’m attaching the updated logs to this message.

I did check out the source files from the trunk and put them into the directories specified in the instruction on building LLVM from source on Do I have to manually specify the paths to the files somehow (if so, where and how? Do I need to edit CMakeFiles.txt?)?

CMakeError.log (589 KB)

CMakeOutput.log (214 KB)

Thanks for the reply.

The problem may really have been that I was trying to use C:/Program Files/LLVM/install_x64 as the value for the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX macro. I do have LLD and Clang in C:/llvm/tools/lld and C:/llvm/tools/clang respectively. I did try to use the “Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64” as the generator, but I got a warning about complications that may arise if I were to do that.

I’ll try it again, this time putting the installation directory in the same root folder as the source file, and then get back to this mailing list with the results.

I tried to use the command line tool for CMake, rather than the GUI. I find that easier in some cases. Would be great if I knew the flags I need to use to have it locate LLD and Clang and build them when using the command line tool.