[event] About MLIR Community Meetup China

Hi MLIR builders, lovers, and believers,

Many talented friends from China are very curious about MLIR but lack enough information to pull the trigger. The open meeting every Thursday is great, but the timing is not very friendly to audiences from China. So we thought why don’t we initiate an effort that is entirely driven by the community and let people share their experiences and lessons learned of using MLIR to build cool compilers? More importantly, people can get to know each other and probably inspire some next big ideas. Therefore, along with friends from Oneflow, Alibaba, and Sophgo & CViTek, we are going to hold a meet-up about MLIR this Sunday 9:00 AM Beijing Time (Feb 20, 2022). Greatly thanks to the MLIR team, Jacques is going to give a keynote speech about the current status and the roadmap of MLIR. Here is the poster of the event and you can register yourself through the QR code at the bottom. Looking forward to seeing you there. (The second half of the event will be in Chinese but with slides written in English. Due to company policy of different speakers, there won’t be recording or slides available afterward this time)

Tan Li


Nice. Thanks @litanlitudan for posting this! This is exciting. Looking forward to it! :slight_smile: