Rescheduled MLIR Bay Area Developer Summit [Nov 10, 2022]

Hi everyone,

in light of the numerous requests in the original post, the MLIR Bay Area Developer Summit was rescheduled to November 10, 2022. That is, the day after the LLVM Developer Meeting, which hopefully facilitates travel arrangements.

The venue, and eventually a registration link, will be announced separately. In the meantime, please fill in the new form to indicate if you are interested in attending and which kind of content you would like to discuss. We kindly ask you to click some buttons one more time to make sure we don’t get confused as to who is able to attend when. If you have already proposed the topics of interest in the old form, no need to repeat, we will match them with the new one.

Alex, Jacques and Mehdi


Thank you so much for moving this, the new date is great.

Any idea of the location/time? Want to sort out travel/accommodation this week.

Time is November 10th (day after the main LLVM dev meeting) and, thanks to Tanya, at the same venue as LLVM dev meeting. Registration will be via the LLVM dev meeting website and we’ll ping here once registration is enabled.


Registration is enabled on the website, you can register for the MLIR summit alone or as an add-on to the main conference event. We’re still finalizing the program.

That’s great, thanks @mehdi_amini. I see the event front page indicates we should be able to register for just the MLIR summit in the pricing section, but I wasn’t able to find the link to do so. Is Begin : 2022 LLVM Developers' Meeting the right link?

I can see the MLIR summit there as an add-on if I select one of the full conference options, but I don’t see the option to select just the MLIR summit on its own, like Community.o for example.

We requested MLIR-only option to be added, but it takes some time to become available. Please stay tuned.

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Here’s the program of the summit. We wanted the summit to be focused more on interaction and discussions, so we went with a mix of talks and small-group events. We are currently checking with the presenters to arrange the best possible order of presentations.


10:00–10:10 — Opening
10:10–11:10 — Presentations (*)
11:10–12:00 — Roundtables (**)
12:00–13:00 — Lunch
13:00–14:00 — Presentations (*)
14:00–14:50 — Roundtables (**)
14:50–15:20 — Project updates (***)
15:20–15:50 — Open-mic for your project (***)
15:50–16:00 — Closing

Coffee, tea, etc. will be provided throughout the day.

(*) Presentations:

25-30 minutes including questions.

  • Mutation testing for MLIR by Yuyou Fan and John Regehr (University of Utah), Mathieu Fehr and Tobias Grosser (University of Edinburgh)
  • Polygeist C++ frontend for MLIR by William Moses (MIT), Ivan Ivanov (Tokyo Tech)
  • Optimizing Winograd Convolutions in MLIR by Anush Elangovan and Harsh Menon (
  • Controllable transformations in MLIR by Alex Zinenko, Denys Shabalin, Nicolas Vasilache (Google)

We may be able to accommodate one more talk of particular interest to the audience.

(**) Roundtables:

45-50 minutes.

  • Debugging MLIR
  • High-level ops (TCP, *HLO)
  • Bytecode stability: what? how? when?
  • Language bindings
  • Better testing: integration, pass pipelines, DAGs, numerics.
  • Depending on MLIR versions from different repos.

Roundtables can also be organized ad-hoc during the event. If you have a concrete idea in mind, please contact us before for advertisement and scheduling.

(***) Project introductions and updates

We will be holding a session to hear updates from projects related to MLIR or its users. 5-10 minutes per project depending on the number of projects, no questions. This is a good place to present both a new project using MLIR or an update on a project that has been discussed, e.g., during the MLIR Open Design Meeting.

  • Sparse Compiler by Aart Bik (Google)
  • CIRCT by Mike Urbach (SiFive)
  • FPL Polyhedral by Arjun Pitchanathan, Tobias Grosser (University of Edinburgh)
  • To be completed…

If you would like to present your project, please contact us. Similarly to roundtables, we will happily accommodate ad-hoc project introductions and updates during the summit, but please reach out to the organizers before the session starts to ensure a comfortable session flow for the audience.

The LLVM Dev Meeting registration page says the meeting is fully booked. I’m only interested in attending the MLIR summit. Is the summit fully booked as well?

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Yes: it filled up incredibly fast!
We are looking if we can extend it a bit, stay tuned.

I had registered for MLIR Dev Summit but I am unable to travel. So at least 1 seat will be vacant. I think @jdd if its OK with the organizers you can use that slot. Its already paid. So please go ahead and check with the organizers. My full name is: Dibyendu Das and I am from Intel.

Thanks! Given the popularity, you probably could have auctioned it off!

Will take this offline to make sure it’s ok.

We (Cruise) are interested in attending as well, would be great if you could extend it a bit.

We kept 5 extra tickets for random assignment, if you’re interested in attending in person the MLIR Summit (whether you’re registered for the conference or not), message me (or email me: with your name and email.

Note: the lottery will give you access to register, but these are paying tickets still!

I’ll run the lottery tomorrow (Friday 28th) at 4:30pm PT!

Updated schedule with talks:

10:00am - Opening
Talks session 1:
10:10am - Mutation testing for MLIR by Yuyou Fan and John Regehr (University of Utah), Mathieu Fehr and Tobias Grosser (University of Edinburgh)
10:30am - Polygeist C++ frontend for MLIR by William Moses (MIT), Ivan Ivanov (Tokyo Tech)
10:50am - Optimizing Winograd convolutions in MLIR by Anush Elangovan and Harsh Menon (

11:10am - Roundtables
12:00pm - Lunch

Talks session 2:
1:00pm - MLIR auto-tuning by Kyle Herndon (
1:20pm - Controllable transformations in MLIR by Alex Zinenko, Denys Shabalin, Nicolas Vasilache (Google)
1:40pm - Structured code generation in MLIR by Nicolas Vasilache (Google)

2:00pm - Roundtables
2:50pm - Project updates and open-mic
3:50pm - Closing

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in presenting a project update.

Is there a possibility to record the talks and share ? I had registered but unfortunately wont be able to travel. Or if u set a zoom session only for the talks …

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We haven’t planned to record the talks immediately, but we may rerun them as part of the open-design meeting.

If you are unable to attend, please give me or Mehdi your registration info (name and email) so we can reassign the slot to somebody from the waiting list.

Dibyendu Das, Intel (

Are you saying you can’t attend?