MLIR Hackathon at Edinburgh in May (before EuroLLVM)

Dear MLIR developers,

We will be holding an informal MLIR workshop in Edinburgh during May 6-9th to offer additional opportunities for in-person interaction and high-bandwidth communication around the EuroLLVM developers meeting.

The main event will take place on Tuesday May 9th, the day before EuroLLVM, and will consist primarily of round table discussions and potentially some accompanying short presentations. From the 6th to the 8th we will provide space for a free-form MLIR hackathon and possibly a joint excursion. We will also offer space from the 1st to the 5th for anyone who wants to join us for an extended hackathon to collaborate on your MLIR projects while enjoying Edinburgh.

The event will take place at the Informatics Forum in Edinburgh, which is right next to Edinburgh’s historic old town, a large park, and a variety of restaurants. We will offer the event space free of charge and will provide catering as funding allows.

Register at to attend! The form also allows for presentation/roundtable proposals. We invite contributions covering the MLIR infrastructure, codegen techniques, auto-tuning, new applications, project showcases, success stories (or failures!), and anything else of interest to the MLIR community.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Arjun, Anton, Alex, Jacques, Mehdi, and Tobias


Just a ping on the registration for this event! It is the days before the EuroLLVM conference, so if you’re coming in the area for EuroLLVM, it is just one hour away by train!


Is there a schedule available for this event? I registered, but haven’t received any communication.


Hi! You can find the program for the main event here: The early days of the hackathon don’t have a particular schedule, it’s mostly for people to work together and discuss as they like. We look forward to seeing everyone there!