[FOSDEM] Lunch before the LLVM dev room

Hi everyone who is planning to go to FOSDEM!

As you probably know, there is an LLVM dev room at FOSDEM, see FOSDEM 2023 - LLVM devroom.
It starts on Saturday the 4th of February at 15h00.

On Discord, a few of us are starting to make plans to come together and have lunch at noon before the dev room starts. If you’d be interested in coming for lunch too, please do let me know so that I can look for a suitable restaurant in the neighborhood and can make a reservation. Please also do let me know if you have dietary requirements.
You can reach out privately to me on the LLVM Discord (my username there is kbeyls), or through any other channel.

Anyone interested in LLVM is welcome to join - so please don’t be shy to reach out.

I hope I’ll see many of you at FOSDEM!




I’m definitely interested!

We were also thinking with @weliveindetail - what about having a beer event in the evening as well?

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Yes exactly, let’s talk about the details at lunch!