Help submitting first Phabricator review for LLVM

Hello, I have my first ever LLVM commit ready for review but I'm having trouble subscribing to the llvm-commits mailing list as described in the "Sign Up" section on, or at least I think I am. I tried signing up from yesterday but so far I haven't received a confirmation email or any messages from the list. Does anyone know if such a delay is expected, or if something has gone wrong?

I was subscribing as in case that makes any difference.



AFAIK all mailing list subscriptions are paused due to some spam incidents.

However, I don’t think you need that mailing list to ask for review, just add reviewers from Phabricator’s interface.


Hi Min and Florian, thanks very much for your replies. I missed the email last week from Tanya so things make a lot more sense now. I already have a user account set up on Phabricator so I'll go ahead and submit the review and see what happens.


Mailing-list suspension has been announced in

The subscript-page for llvm-dev
( describes
how subscribe instead. Unfortunately that note is missing from