HLSL Working Group

Hello all!

After my RFC a few weeks ago, there has been a lot of community discussion and I’ve started landing patches (and have a whole lot more out for review).

With the help of @tstellar we have a #hlsl channel on the LLVM Discord server!

To continue moving this effort forward, and to keep it fully open, I’m going to host an HLSL Working Group meeting Thursday, March 31 at 5pm UTC (1 EDT, 12 CDT, 11 MDT, 10 PST)

Taking a few pages from the GPU working group, I’ve posted an agenda on Google Docs with the Google Meet call-in URL. The first meeting will discuss organizing the working group, meeting frequency and other logistics.

Thank you everyone for your continuing support!


Thank you everyone who came today! The agenda document has meeting notes for those who didn’t make it. I think I’ve updated the permissions correctly so people can suggest alterations if there is anything I got wrong or missed.

I will post announcements for future meetings here with the #announce and #gpu tags, and if you want to be added to the Google calendar invite for the reoccurring meeting please reach out to me via DM here, on Discord, or IRC.

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