IREE examples gone?


It appears that some parts of the IREE documentation vanished, in particular the documentation of the various operations and the examples under What we particularly appreciated was the mhlo-dot-llvm-ir example (even though it was dated).

When will this documentation come back online?

Addendum: if this is not the good place to ask questions, please let me know. For now, in the IREE documentation it is not clear to me where to ask such questions.



Thanks for the feedback - we were drowning under the weight of the old docs, which much more took the form of a dumping ground of things we found interesting in the early days off the project. The new docs are focused on end users and we are working on a series of new tech talks to replace the very dated content that was there regarding internals.

The communication channels are in the readme, not the docs site itself: GitHub - iree-org/iree: 👻 (agreed this is awkward and we should at least cross link).

We should have created a branch before the new doc commit for reference. Let me/someone do that once at keyboard. @scotttodd

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The IR conversion examples can be viewed in the git history on IREE’s gh-pages branch prior to deploying the new site. Here’s a link to the mhlo-dot-llvm-ir example: iree/ at 99c6ce409783eaffb37dd46f3f4a6ef761556f99 · iree-org/iree · GitHub.

We have a few early ideas for how to produce similar pages to reference and tools to explore the compilation process (for both IREE and other projects using MLIR). I’d be interested in hearing more about how you found those pages most useful.

Communication channels are also linked at the bottom of the website’s home page: We do also monitor this forum, but the channels listed there are better for questions less generally applicable to the broader MLIR community.