Is the Open MLIR Projects up to date?

Hello MLIR folks,
I see the Open projects on this page:

Is the information up to date? At least the first one on the list looks like it’s taken, inferring from my brief scheme through this discussion: [RFC] Rebooting C APIs for core IR

I see there are GitHub issues, please let me know if that’s preferred for newcomers. I find working towards a project more helpful for me in learning core stuff but I will start with issues if that’s preferred.


Indeed, some of the projects listed on that page have seen some work. This doesn’t mean they are complete though :slight_smile:

In particular, the C API is quite developed now and mostly evolves on per-need basis.

Open projects are large and mostly independent chunks of work that may require significant commitment, for example, we use them for Google Summer of Code and other internships. They are also largely uncharted work with more design in the beginning. Github issues are more one-off tasks inside existing infrastructure. So both are good places to start, just pick what matches your intentions best.

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