Project for a university student

Hi, I was wondering if MLIR had any open projects for a university student. I currently contribute to LLVM’s libc, so I have experience with LLVM already. I wanted to branch out.

I looked at but didn’t find any points of contact, and the bug tracker for beginners is empty currently.

I am currently attending school, so that obviously takes priority. However, I would like to work on something as well during my free time.

If you want to know more about myself, please reach out to me at
If there’s a better place to post this, I’ll be happy to move there.


If you’re so inclined, the CIRCT project has some MLIR-related projects that would be good for someone wanting to learn the framework:


Steve, thanks for the response; I am interested. What is the best place to contact you? Would you like to talk directly here? I usually look for some direction (and will have questions, as one might expect) when starting on a new project.

You could comment on specific issues there, or you can also chat on discord in the #circt channel, if that’s easier. There’s also a circt discourse group here:

Ok, I’ll ask on the discourse first and see where it goes. Thanks Steve.

Re: Point of contact for open projects. You’ll see there are mentors listed who you could reach out to, or start a discussion thread in the forum indicating interest (folks check with different frequencies on discourse, discord & email, but messages have some eventual consistency :slight_smile:)

Yeah I initially saw a list of open projects, but if I recall correctly, there were no e-mails attached with the names. So I may have been looking in the wrong location.

Correct, there are no emails. The forums are easiest to ping many of them and then it makes interest public too in case someone else has already started on something similar and to encourage folks to work together in the community.