Is there some way to run the calyx dialect

I have a great interest in the calyx dialect.I know that i can convert the calyx dialect to the intermediate representation of caylx and then convert it to verilog.This method is taken from the calyx documentation, but is there any other way to run the calyx dialect.I am limited in what I know and hope someone can give me some guidance, really thanks!

Hey @linuxlonelyeagle, there are two ways to run Calyx programs:

  1. Using the Calyx interpreter and debugger
  2. By compiling the Calyx and using either Icarus Verilog or Verilator

Both use fud, the Calyx driver to make it easier to run the various, allow a JSON-based input data file, etc. You can use the interpreter after running any Calyx pass on the input file because the interpreter knows how to directly interpret the control structures