JOB: Clang/LLVM developer

The Secure Coding group at CERT has current job openings for knowledgeable Clang and/or LLVM developers. We have two (and soon to be three) ongoing research projects involving LLVM and Clang, with a need for significant development work. An ideal candidate would be someone who has multiple patches submitted and accepted across fairly diverse portions of the code base. The job postings are numbers 9820 and 9539 at Don't worry that the job descriptions lack any mention of LLVM and Clang — we wrote them long before we realized that Clang/LLVM experience would be important to us.

See for more information about the Secure Coding group at CERT; this position (or positions) would fall largely within the Development Tools and Libraries area. I'm happy to provide additional information, but please note that any actual applications must go through the CERT jobs page.

Dean F. Sutherland


Is the Secure Coding Group aware of the SAFECode compiler (, SoftBound (which is integrated into the SAFECode compiler), and Address Sanitizer (which is integrated into LLVM and Clang)? It appears that some of the Secure Coding Group's goals overlap with these existing LLVM/Clang projects.

-- John T.


      Yes, we are aware of SAFECode, SoftBound, and Address Sanitizer, and we are grateful for the pioneering work that these projects have contributed. Some of our work makes use of SAFECode and SoftBound.

David Keaton
CERT Researcher