Job Posting: Engineers wanted at Trail of Bits

Trail of Bits[1] is looking to expand our engineering team. We’re looking for engineers interested in software security, experience with LLVM pass development, and a strong grasp of C++.

We’re working on several funded research projects that utilize LLVM to do program analysis and transformation. One such project is mcsema[2][3]. The cliff notes on mcsema are: it’s an x86 binary to LLVM IR translation framework where the output is well formed IR (compatible with llc and opt). You can even feed mcsema’s output straight into klee[4][5].

We’re currently doing work with LLVM in the following topic areas:
• Further mcsema development (including expanding it to support x86-64)
• Automatic software vulnerability detection & mitigation
• Automatic proof of vulnerability development[6]
• Software obfuscation and anti-reverse-engineering
• Software security through diversity

We’re looking for software engineers with the following qualifications:
• Experience implementing LLVM Analysis passes
• Experience with static and dynamic program analysis techniques
• Strong C++ programming skills
• An understanding of software security flaws is a plus

A lot of our work revolves around software security but it certainly isn’t limited to it. Don’t let this discourage you from applying!

If any of this work interests you or if you’re looking for new challenges, please apply by sending your resume to More information about our company is available here:


[6] As part of DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge: