Label-based notification

Dear Fellow LLVM’ers

GitHub just enabled early access preview of label-based issue notification for LLVM repo. You can find the settings under “Watch => Custom => Issues / Filter by labels”.

Please give it a try and I will happy to forward your feedback to GitHub. So far it’s only when already labelled issue is changed, everything else is in works.


Overall, this label-based notification feature seems to work well, and it’s quite helpful for working with a large project like LLVM. :smile:

The only odd thing I’ve noticed so far is the format of the email notifications it triggers… For some reason, the message format is completely different to standard GitHub issue email notifications. :sweat_smile:

The standard issue email notifications are easily readable and preserve most formatting in a logical way. With the label-based email notifications however:

  • The issue title is duplicated into the body of every message
  • The notification body is placed inside a rounded rectangle that does not seem to have much purpose
  • Most formatting of the notification body is lost (e.g. a reply with quote block has no “>” or indentation, so it looks like the replier wrote the quote)

If the label-based email notifications were just the same as the standard issue email notifications, that would be a nice improvement in my view. @akorobeynikov, if you could pass this feedback to GitHub, that would be great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jryans Sure!

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It appears that GitHub has improved this feature so that you now get notifications also when the label is added, not just when a labeled issue is changed. Can someone verify this to confirm that this is the actual behavior and not just the result of my personal notification settings.

Yes, I can confirm that I also get a notification for the “label added” event when using this per-label notification feature.

This label-based notification feature works quite well now. The various formatting issues I mentioned a while ago have been fixed. In my view, it seems like this feature means the custom llvmbot-driven team notification system is no longer needed, but perhaps that’s a discussion for a separate thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great, thanks for testing!

Is this feature still available on GitHub? I do not see it on my end.

It does. That’s how it’s supposed to look:

Do you have any idea why Filter option is not available on my end? I would like to find a way to have label filtered notifications work on my end, so that I can watch for new “Good First Issue” labels so I can get started contributing.

I can think of 2 things:

  1. I have write access to the repository, which you might not;
  2. As a consequence of 1), I’m a member of LLVM organization on GitHub, which you might not be a member of.

If this is indeed the reason, then we have a chicken-and-egg problem for newcomers who want to subscribe for good first issues.

CC @akorobeynikov @tstellar

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Well, we cannot change generic github rules. In order to be assigned to issue one needs to have a write access of some sort. They still could use search though.

Use case here is not assigning an issue, but subscribing to a label.

Well, I do not know. Likely to be reported to GitHub.